What is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach is a professionally trained individual that provides support, encouragement, validation, accountability, challenge and insight into who you are and what you can become. Through to strategic planning they can help empower you to make your goals a reality. Your recovery coach will help move you forward by brainstorming strategies with you. A recovery coach is a trained professional who can assist you in getting clarity of your vision of life and help you to plan your own desired results.

A recovery coach helps design a program to empower you as an individual, a family, or a partner with the information and accountability you need to achieve the results you desire in your life. A recovery coach will provide information, resources, tools and plans to design your life the way you really want.

A recovery coach through the program developed designed for you is future focused. Therefore , a brief self-assessment is completed by the individual, family, or partnership. Your recovery coach will review this assessment with you and become clear on where you are and where you want to go in life. A series of scheduled session agreed upon with your recovery coach will be the next step. The session can either be over the phone or in person with your recovery coach. You and your recovery coach will define your future clearly, share positive outcomes and set goals for the next session. A recovery coach can help you develop a life vision after drug and alcohol treatment by assessing your patterns and belief systems, determine new resources, and develop a plan to make the changes that you agree to make personally, professionally, as a family, or in your relationship. A recovery coach always stays future oriented and always from a position of support.

Whereas therapy deals with the past and assists an individual, partnerships, or family in a position where they have the skills to live in the present; a recovery coach is concerned with taking an individual, family, or partnership where they are now and moving them forward by designing a compelling future leading to true happiness and fulfillment.

The benefits of having a recovery coach are far and wide but here is an outline of some of the things you will get out of having a recovery.

Benefits of a recovery coach are but not limited to:

  • Getting results
  • Get clarity on your future goals
  • Create a plan for your life after drug and alcohol treatment
  • Your recovery coach is an accountability partner
  • You can make the changes happen in your life that you have always wanted
  • A recovery coach can help find solutions to your challenges
  • A recovery coach can help you learn from those challenges within sobriety or life in general
  • A recovery coach can help you learn to appreciate yourself as a thriving human being

A recovery coach is the partner that you have in life that gives you that extra boost you need to achieve everything you thought you couldn’t.