How to Stop Someone from Leaving Rehab Early

How to Stop Someone from Leaving Rehab Early

Leaving Rehab Early is Usually a Mistake

Leaving rehab early is a bad idea and most who do often later regret the decision. The relapse rate among those who don’t complete treatment is much higher than those who graduate their treatment program. The general rule of thumb is: the longer you are in treatment, the better your chances of staying clean and sober. Those who do manage to stay sober often feel as if they are missing out. That’s because these facilities provide the patient with valuable knowledge and skills that will support their efforts to lead a sober lifestyle. Also, there is a great sense of achievement when people complete inpatient rehab and receive acknowledgement from staff, family, and friends for graduating. Leaving rehab early is a decision that should not be made lightly.

Things to Do to Stop Someone from Leaving Rehab Early

Make a request that they stay another 24 hours before leaving rehab early. Many times, a person will want to leave rehab early on an impulse and while emotions are high. If they still want to go after that then at least they will have put some thought into it.

It is imperative to tell therapists and staff of your loved one’s plans to leave rehab early that way these feelings can be discussed in group and one-on-one therapy.

Remind your loved one that rehab is not meant to be easy. For growth to occur, we usually need to be challenged. So the good news: the fact that treatment seems difficult can be the sign that it is working.

Suggest to your loved one that they write down the reasons to stay and reasons to leave. It is helpful to see things in black and white in order to get clarity and gain perspective.

Don’t sugar-coat the consequences of leaving rehab early. Take a stand by telling your loved one that you will not enable them and that addiction is serious and life-threatening. In many cases, drug addiction is a death sentence.

Encourage your loved one to think and stay positive by looking for the good aspects of rehab and focusing on the benefits of a life without being drug dependent. Often times, people want to leave rehab early because they have fallen into the common pitfall of negativity. It can spread through a rehab like wildfire.

Encourage your loved one to take advantage of their alone time in rehab to improve on self-reflection and self-awareness.

Benefits for Completing Rehab

Completing rehab will ensure that your loved one has a strong foundation on which they can build a fulfilling and meaningful life in recovery:  gained additional knowledge and skills. This is will especially benefit them in the crucial first weeks and months in recovery.

By staying in rehab, they will have had time to make crucial and beneficial aftercare plans for a successful recovery.

From a consumer standpoint, the longer your loved one stays in rehab, the more time to benefit from the resources available to them from the facility. In this way, your loved one will have gotten the most out of their (or your) investment.

Quite simply, by staying in rehab longer, the person will have added more days to their recovery – this means that they have put some more distance between themselves and addiction.