5 Must Have House Rules in Recovery

5 Must Have House Rules in Recovery

5 Must Have House Rules in Recovery

After drug treatment is over and your halfway house experience is complete you will want to move into your own place. Most of the times those of us in recovery choose to live with roommates who are also in recovery like us. This is great because it offers you support and a safe place in your home. There are definitely some must have rules when you are living with people who are in sobriety just like you.  Being in recovery is not always easy, especially when the chance of relapse is high. If someone isn’t doing the right thing it is imperative that there are house rules between you and all your roommates.

Here are the 5 must have house rules in recovery. These are not exclusive and can be expanded upon depending on the circumstance and living situation.

  1. No using or drinking. Of course this would be the first must have rule in recovery. You are no longer in recovery if you end up drinking or using so this rule is kind of a given between roommates who are all in recovery. Roommates must stay sober because once an addict relapses they become unaccountable and everything is up in the air. Having a roommate relapse can seriously cause problems in your living situation. So number one rule is STAY SOBER.
  2. Everyone must pay the bills on time. This second must have house rule is also a given. This rule is one that any person living with roommates or even on their own has to follow. You can’t live in a place and not pay rent. You must pay your dues and pay them on time. If you don’t this can lead to tension and problems in the living situation
  3. There must be boundaries. The third rule is to respect each other’s personal space. You wouldn’t want anyone coming in your room so you don’t go in anyone else’s room. This is an invasion of privacy and a total lack of respect for your roommate.
  4. If you are friends as well as roommates there must be clear communication. Being roommates with your best friend is great but it also can be difficult. This is because a lot of the times we don’t want to make our friends angry even though they may be doing something that is bothering us. For instance if your roommate is cleaning up and you don’t want to say anything because you don’t want your friend to be mad. No, you are both adults, and you are roommate’s now not just friends. There must be the expectation that you can talk to each other clearly about these issues.
  5. You don’t interfere with the other person’s personal time or life. Just like you set boundaries for instance you don’t expect a person to come in your room so you don’t go in their room, you do not get to tell you roommate what to do and not do. You don’t dictate their recovery nor do you tell them how late they can be out. This is not a halfway house anymore. You both pay bills, you are both adults, act like it. You should all be able to live your lives as long as it’s not interfering with your roommates and be ok.

It’s hard living with someone in recovery and being in recovery yourself but if you have the must have house rules in recovery it can make things go a bit smoother. Just remember honesty and open communication is always key to a good relationship with roommates. If you come from a caring place and practice spiritual principles in your home chances are everything will go just as it should.

My roommate is using drugs again. What should I do?

If your roommate is using drugs again you may be wondering to yourself what should I do?

Having a roommate relapse can be very scary and probably will send you into a little bit of a panic. Dealing with relapses in any capacity can be difficult but this is your roommate, you live with them. It’s a little different when you have someone who shares your living space such as a roommate end up using drugs again. Don’t worry though there are certain steps you can take to make sure you and your roommate will make it through this and be ok.

Kick your roommate out.

Your best option and one that is safest for you is to ask your roommate to leave. When an addict or alcoholic begins using drugs again they are very unstable and not themselves. Your roommate although he or she may be a great person, when on drugs, could end up stealing from you, lying to you, breaking things, or inviting people who aren’t so great over. This is the nature of the disease not the nature of your roommate, remember that. If your roommate is using drugs again and you want to ask them to leave make sure to do it with love, kindness, and in a way which your roommate will probably understand.

Get your roommate’s family involved.

Do you have your roommate’s family phone numbers? Do you know your roommate’s family? Can you get ahold of them somehow? Instead of immediately jumping towards kicking your roommate out for using drugs again you could call their family and let their family know what’s going on. They may be able to give your roommate a place to stay if he or she can no longer stay in your apartment or they may be able to take certain steps towards getting your roommate into a drug and alcohol rehab.

Take your roommate to the hospital or detox if they are willing.

If you are capable of sitting down and having a conversation with your roommate since they started using drugs again, then you may want to talk to them about going to detox or the hospital. See if your roommate wants help for the drug and alcohol problem. If you are very close with your roommate tell them how their using affects you and how you want them to get help and that if they get help they can continue on living there with you. If your roommate is using drugs again but it is willing to go to detox or the hospital, call the nearest facility in your area and get your roommate there asap. The detox facility and hospital will also be able to guide you on how to handle the entire situation.

If your roommate is using again and you don’t know what to do, it is always best to ask for outside help from family, a facility, or law enforcement. If you don’t think this is necessary you can attempt to talk to your roommate on your own. Your roommate after using drugs again should not be allowed to stay with you any longer though. If your roommate gets severely dangerous or becomes a threat to you or becomes a threat to them selves, then you should call 911 immediately. You both can make it through this, no need to panic. Ask for help.