5 Ways to Motivate Your Client to Take Action

How To Motivate Your Client Into Action

Some people come into recovery with a ton of motivation. They can’t wait to get started on a new way of life. Over time, their motivation may begin to wane. They start feeling better and they stop taking action in their recovery. Other clients are unmotivated from the get go. They must be encouraged and coached from the very start. Whatever the case, here are 5 ways to motivate your child to take action in their recovery:

5 Ways to Motivate Your Client to Take Action: Come up with reasons to change

Sit down with your client and come up with a list of reasons they want to change their behavior and their life. Talk about past behaviors and find out, from them, exactly why they want recovery and a new life. Write it all down and identify problem and risk areas for your client. Provide clear feedback on your client’s current situation and its possible consequences or risks.

5 Ways to Motivate Your Client to Take Action: Set goals

One of the best ways to motivate your client to take action is to help them set realistic, achievable goals and lay out the steps they need to take to reach those goals. For example, if your client is looking for a job, lay out the steps he or she needs to take to achieve that such as creating a resume, filling out applications, or talking to an employment recruiter. Breaking everything down into small steps can be a great way to motivate your client to take action.

5 Ways to Motivate Your Client to Take Action: Set time limits

Once you have laid out the steps that your client needs to take to achieve a goal, give them a deadline. Work with them to give them a realistic date on which to have each step finished. Check up on their progress along the way. Working to a deadline can be a great way to motivate your client to take action.

5 Ways to Motivate Your Client to Take Action: Celebrate successes

When your client finishes a task, give them a lot of encouragement and praise. For big mile stones, have a little celebration. Positive reinforcement can inspire your client to continue to take action in their recovery and their life. People are motivated by-and prefer to be motivated by-positive emotions like excitement, pride, a sense of belonging, and the thrill of achievement.

5 Ways to Motivate Your Client to Take Action: Share in the responsibility

You cannot take the action for your client. They must be willing to do the work in order to get their life back on track. However, you can help when they are feeling overwhelmed by a certain task. Offer to help them do difficult tasks or provide resources that can help them get started. Create an atmosphere that is conducive to change by being positive and proactive. Offer to help where you can instead of waiting to be asked for help.

I’m having trouble staying motivated in my recovery, what should I do?

If you are having trouble staying motivated in your recovery and are wondering what to do then you are in the right place. Recovery is a journey not a destination, so there are going to be low points and high points sometimes. One of the more important points that you should know right now is:

You are not alone.

Not everyone, all the time, can be motivated. Recovery is essentially the journey through life and even people who are not in recovery are not motivated all day every day. So if you are worried that you are losing motivation in your recovery; fear not!! We all go through it and we all get through it.

In order to have motivation you must know what it is. So that brings us to our first question.

What is motivation?

Motivation is literally the desire to do something. It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining goals-and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control. So if motivation is the crucial element to setting and achieving goals, it would make sense that in order to stay motivated in your recovery you must set goals. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated in your recovery.

  1. Having a goal. Notice we said a goal not goals. This is because having too many goals may sap you of your motivation in your recovery instead of building it. Setting small goals, one at a time, and achieving them will help you stay motived in your recovery.
  2. Get inspired. Reading inspirational books, watching an inspirational story, or working with another alcoholic helps to stay motivated in your recovery. This is because it gives you the inspiration you need to achieve what you want to achieve by watching or reading about someone else achieving it.
  3. Get excited. Visualize the things you want for yourself, see the benefits of your recovery clearly and talk about your recovery with other recovering people. Staying motivated in your recovery is all about excitement. Because were in recovery now we can have real belly laughs, real friends, help others and so much more- get excited about it!
  4. Call for help when you lose motivation. If you are having trouble staying motivated in your recovery, try to get excited about it again by calling someone else in recovery. They can help you see clearly why you are doing what you’re doing and point out to you the benefits-which brings us to our next tip.
  5. Think about the benefits, not the difficulties. Think positive not negative!! Every time you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one. When your mind wants to say to you all the reasons you don’t want to do this, think of all the reasons you don’t want to do this. If you want to stay motivated in your recovery, this is absolutely paramount!

Remember there is an ebb and flow to motivation. No one is inspired at all times.

So if you are truly having trouble staying motived in your recovery and are wondering what you should to do, follow the simple steps listed above and give yourself a break. Remember that recovery is a journey and journeys are not always full of motivation and inspiration sometimes they are filled with struggle. That struggle though is what makes us stronger.

The ability to help others, belly laughs and fun. Knowing the future is not in jail or in detox. Having real friends.